Sunday, September 4, 2022

Double takes

      Life seem a little ho-hum lately? Tired of the same old - same old? Maybe it's time to take a drive thru scenic (and a little bit weird) Washington County. Here's some of the sights that might make you do a double take:

Nothing like a giant chicken to get your attention
Seen along Lick Spring Road

Chickens aren't the only thing that cross the road

A sign of old times:
a milage marker from an early turnpike

Want to one-up the neighbors lawn decorations?
How about a caboose in your front yard?
This one sits across the road from Dead Pond

Or you could have a bell tower like this beauty
at New Skete

Recognize this intricate architecture?
Hint: Greenwich. A park. Looking up.

Need a hand with that?
Seen in Bennington, Vermont

Even flowers need to sit for a spell
A colorful scene in Shushan

Look what's roaming the back streets of Salem

A big hello from Mickey in Kingsbury

Gwenne and a guy with a rather 'wooden' expression
Along the trail at Hudson Crossing

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