Thursday, June 2, 2022

Lil' Hooters

     It's one of life's little mysteries ... you have to look down to have your spirits uplifted by spring wildflowers. Many are low and almost hidden in the forest floor. So I've been looking down a lot the last month and it has given me memories that soar. Big patches of wild ginger and blue cohosh side by side. White, yellow and lavender violets sprinkled together like a Monet. Wood anemone and rue anemone chummy enough to see their similarities and their differences side by side. Trilliums on a hillside and marsh marigolds in the seep at hills bottom.

     This is where you'd expect a gallery of gorgeous wildflower photos. Well, I'm sorry but that's not what you're going to get. Not with my cheap little point and shoot. Better to go to the 'Flower Lady's' blog  where you will find crisp images of all kinds of natural beauty and knowledgable commentary as well. Instead I'd like to share a few 'looking up' shots. Most of these were taken by others. Maybe that's why they're so good.

Holly captured this early spring scene. A stormy sky/rainbow looking east over the farm

A little later in the season red maple flowers against a blue sky

     As spring progressed Tom caught these lil' hooters looking out on the world from their cosy nest hole in a maple tree.

Getting brave, starting to explore

Mama Barred Owl keeping a wary eye on photographer Tom Ferris

     And there has also been a nice show in the early morning sky as four planets duck and weave around each other. I don't have a camera that can capture the Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn dance but others do so here's a link to a gallery of photos you might enjoy. You don't even have to get up before dawn to see them! 

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