Tuesday, December 1, 2020


     Days of Heaven is a meditative, beautifully shot film by Terrence Malick. In the movie, landscape and sense of place play roles as large as those of Richard Gere and Sam Shepard. And then there is young Linda Manz's plaintive, haunting narration. The images and that voice are hard to forget. 

     But there can also be rare 'days of heaven' in late November. That's when blue sky, warm sun and gentle breezes surprise and delight. Of course, it's usually otherwise. April may be the cruelest month but November seems to covet the title. There's that raw, cold wind-driven rain. The morning darkness that gives way to gray days that suddenly fade back into more darkness by mid-afternoon. And the woods seem full of gunfire...the intimidating soundtrack of hunting season.

     When November is feeling generous, when it gives you a 'day of heaven', best to accept it with gratitude. That's what we did recently, taking advantage of some fine fall weather to bike along the Battenkill. 

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     Sunday morning in Cambridge begins with a stop at Kings Donut Cart. With goodies in hand and a thermos of hot coffee it was on to Eagleville for a woodsy picnic and the starting point of our ride. Along Roberson and Hickory Hill roads, both deliciously dirt, then a brief spin on 313 where we snuck into Vermont, slipping by the Covid restrictions sign.

     A quick right and we were on River Road. More dirt all the way to West Arlington. The Battenkill close by and mountains all around. A country church, covered bridge and Norman Rockwell's old home. It was a lovely day capped by a rising full moon on the drive home. For the end of November, almost heaven.

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