Thursday, December 12, 2019

Postcards from the Queen

     Ready for someplace, anyplace that's not Ukraine? I thought so. That's why I put together this portfolio of old postcards from the Queen of American lakes. They are part of the Lake George Historical Association's collection that Gwenne has been sorting and organizing. You can look thru hundreds of them at the Museum in the heart of the village and I urge you to do so. This post offers an eclectic sampling, with a little bias towards views of the east (Washington County) side of the lake. In a country that's beginning to feel like a piece of firewood being cleaved by a splitting maul, there's one thing we can all agree on...Lake George's scenic beauty is unimpeachable.

     A sure way to get the ladies attention...walk your pony on the beach. And notice the women's bathing suits, get them wet and you'd sink to the bottom. 

Fun at Camp Chingachgook

     The next two scenes are of Glenburnie on the northeastern side of the lake. Profile Rocks, Anthonys Nose and Record Hill form a picturesque backdrop to Blairs Bay. Camp Adirondack is on the peninsula in the foreground. Steamboats used to stop a many points along the shore.

Lake of many islands...

     I have fond memories of running up the trail from the end of Shelving Rock Road to Paradise Bay for an evening swim, then coming back in moonlight. It's a place out of a dream. 

Black Mountain towers above the Narrows, the highest point around Lake George, and a favorite of photographers and artists. Here are three views...

This view of Pilot Knob is interesting because it shows the ridge to the left before it was denuded by the 1973 forest fire.

Anthonys Nose and Rogers Rock face each other across the northern end of the lake. The bare slab of Rogers Rock is popular with climbers. I'm not sure if the cliffs on the Nose have been explored and routes established.

History, archaeology and architecture...

Ruins of Fort George in Battlefield Park, Lake George Village

Compare the grace and charm of a stone arch bridge with the bland culvert/concrete
 constructions of today  

Diamond Point Chapel

     Lake George is garlanded with many lovely churches. You could easily spend several summers attending services at a different one each Sunday. Follow a morning sermon with an afternoon lakeside picnic for an appealing 'yesteryear' day of inspiration and relaxation.

Accommodations plain and simple...  

Private toilets! Hot and cold showers! Inner spring mattresses! 
What more could you ask for?

When I was a kid we used to camp at Hearthstone, just north of 
Lake George Village. We had a huge army surplus canvas tent
that someone had given us. Dad had cut down a small tree on
the farm to use for a center pole! At first I was embarrassed by
our outdated accommodations but pretty soon every kid at the
campsite wanted to join the army and check out our 
me a platoon of new friends and playmates. 

The fun doesn't stop when the water freezes

Island camping...the iconic Lake George experience

Wish you were here?

     Some Lake George resources you might find helpful:

* The Lake George Historical exhibits, bookstore, postcards! More info here.

* The Lake George Land Conservancy's Round the Lake Challenge will have you visiting natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources. Get started here. 

* Become a 12ster by bagging a dozen peaks surrounding the lake. Find out which ones here.

* Watch Crandall Library/Folklife Center's video series - Lake George on the Water here. 

* Learn about the Jefferson Project to study Lake George here. 

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