Thursday, February 26, 2015

Place at the Table - Round House Bakery Cafe

     I've finally found a bank I like. You know about banks, where they cheerily proclaim, "We're so happy you've trusted your savings with us that we'd like to offer an interest rate of .00001%." And "We'll put those dollars to work in the community giving people mortgages we know they can't afford. They'll get to enjoy their homes for six months before we foreclose and put them on the street. There's so many cozy homeless shelters out there, they'll be just fine."
     The foreclosed will be fine and bank customers will most assuredly be fined. If they don't like the way you part your hair, they've got a fine for that. "Now sir, page 297 of the fine print bank policy encyclopedia clearly states..."
     Ok, todays rant is over. Now back to that bank I like. Actually it's a building that used to be a bank. Now it's the home of the Round House Bakery Cafe in Cambridge. This is Scott and Lisa Carrino's coffeehouse/bistro/bakery at the corner of Washington and Main Streets next to Hubbard Hall.

     It's a comfortable place with natural woodwork, a tin ceiling and big sunny windows. There's a scattering of tables and a counter to place your order. Local art work hangs on the walls with Ian Creitz's photos currently on display. Any doubts about the spaces former use are dispelled by the massive vault door in the corner, now kept wide open and inviting.
     You can get breakfast all day along with soups, salads, sandwiches and chili. There's always a  selection of tempting baked goods - breads, muffins, scones, cookies and cupcakes - along with an array of coffees, teas and cold drinks.
     There's occasional live music and dinner is offered on Friday and Sunday evenings till 7:00pm. Hours and menus may reflect the weather and what's available so check their facebook page or call
(677-2233) if you plan a visit. Most days they open at 8:00am and close at 3:00pm. The Cafe is dark on Tuesdays, at least thru the winter.
     The Roundhouse Cafe is a great addition to the Washington County food scene. The Carrinos have a legacy of community building at Pompanuck Farm, the Roundhouse Bakery and now at their restaurant. They create jobs for their neighbors, use local products and offer tasty, handcrafted fare in a fun, welcoming space. You can bank on that.

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