Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Place at the Table - Kings Donut Cart

     Sometimes there are the reasons we give for our actions while off stage, lurking in the shadows, are the real reasons. The ones we may feel a little guilty admitting to.
     I mention this because I've been driving thru Cambridge a lot recently. Often on Sunday mornings. That's when Kings Donut Cart is open on West Main Street. Now my reason for being over this way has been to check out some of the state forests in the area. But I always stop for a glazed or chocolate creme filled treat. That's only reasonable, isn't it?
     Actually, exploring place and enjoying food go well together. Both are great reasons to head to Washington County. No guilt needed, and this will be the first of several posts on my favorite spots for a bite to eat.
     The King family once operated a full time bakery across the street from Hubbard Hall. Whenever I want to
smile I just recall walking in and being enveloped in the delicious smell of bread, rolls and pies hot from the oven. Today their operation is scaled down to one morning a week (Sunday) in  the driveway of their home. It's a morning not to be missed.
     Look for the charming antique wagon and be prepared for some difficult decisions. It's amazing how many goodies they can fit in the small space and you'll have to choose. No, you can't have them all.
     They still use the original recipes developed at the bakery and the freshness and texture of the donuts approaches perfection. One (or two!) of these and you're ready for whatever "wild" Washington County can throw at you.  

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