Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wash & Where?

     Ready to be schooled? The challenge is to  identify these "halls of learning" from times gone by. I'll give you a hint: I took the photos on a circuitous trip to Salem where I heard some great stories at Sunday afternoon's Word Plays at the Cabaret. As your teacher used to say, "There will be a quiz."

( 1 )
( 2 )

( 3 )

( 4 )

( 5 )

( 6 )

( 7 )

( 8 )

Answers Please -

 ( 1 ) This big brick box is in Thompson, Town of Greenwich on Co. 113. It recently housed the Adirondack School. I'm not sure of its use before that. It's for sale should you desire to go into education. Across the road is the grounds of the former Schuyler Prep.

( 2 ) District School No. 4 hides in the trees near the intersection of Clarks Mills Road and Co. 77, Town of Greenwich. The hamlet of Bald Mountain was a busy place in the 1800's when the lime kilns were in operation with lots of families and lots of students.

( 3 ) This little building sits at the corner of Sprague Town Road and Rabbit Roads, Town of Greenwich. It's District School No. 7 and currently sees more large trucks than eager learners.

( 4 ) District School No. 9 is a real cutie, having received some TLC. It's at the corner of North and Ryan Roads, Town of Greenwich. The sign identifies it as the Beech Hill School (part of the Sharts Farm?).

( 5 ) Big Red sits on a knoll above the pond in Cossayuna on State 338, Town of Greenwich. I believe this was District School No. 14.

( 6 ) About a mile to the east is the Bunker Hill School (built c. 1840) located at an unbusy four-way intersection - no traffic light required. AKA District School No. 15, it's in the far northeastern corner of the Town of Greenwich.

( 7 ) This colorful little character is known as the Porter School or District School No. 14. "It lives, it breathes!" as the Hebron Nature Preserve education center on Rt. 22, Town of Hebron.

( 8 ) If this one looks a little uppity it's because it's on the National Register of Historic Places. Its located across Rt. 22 from the church in the hamlet and Town of Hebron.

     Recess! Everybody outside to play. But if you want to learn more I'ld recommend An Introduction to Historic Resources in Washington County, New York, a 1976 book where most of the information for this post came from.

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